David Muench interviewed on Alive.Photo August 2015

"I’m always chasing rainbows—always chasing. I won’t quit until I drop."
—David Muench

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David Muench Shares His Landscape Photography Portfolio
of New Mexico’s Organ Mountains

Video by ProNaturePhotographer

David Muench featured on local PBS station program called
COLORES. Watch segment below (just over 8 minutes).


The David Muench Interview Series

Charlie Borland, from ProNature Photographer, interviews David Muench in a five part series about his photography, his new eBook, and his passion for photographing wild place.

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Charlie Borland, a professional photographer for 30 years and publisher of the web magazine; ProNature Photographer, has published a new eBook, Outdoor Flash Photography, available on his website.

5th interview in series: Timeless Moments

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