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A new eBook from David Muench!

Toprock is a PDF eBook only
$10.00 US

Toprock is a subject dear to my heart. I've been photographing on the summits of American mountains, particularly in the West, with 4x5 film, 35mm film and, more recently, with digital capture for over 50 years. It is my dramatic story. This eBook is a real labor of love for me. View example pages.

Toprock ebook by David Muench

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Toprock summits inspire me. Sacred places where landscape reaches sky, dwelling places of the spirit forces of the universe, they offer me both solace and challenge. I feel compelled to reach the summits of these sacred sites; inspired to photograph those great moments spent in the company of lofty spirits.

Every hike, ascent, scramble to these great places is a total, indelible, personal experience.

- 58 plates
- 137 pages
- 26Mb PDF downloadable Ebook only

Table of Contents
I. Introductory statement
III. Cascade Range / Sierra Nevada
IV. Rocky Mountains - North
V. Rocky Mountains - South
VI. Appalachian Mountains

Anyone wanting a copy can go to MuenchPhotography.com for more information.